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All In One Music Academy

All In One Music specializes in fostering the creative process in the individual, so the student gains a complete multi-genre music education. Each program is tailored to cultivate the uniqueness of every student revealing their innate musical talents. In a nurturing and compassionate environment students are instructed in peformance etiquette, music theory, imporivsation and composition. With 40 years of professional direction by Melissa Vardey, an award-wining world class pianist, performer, recording artist, and producer, who studied at The Royal Academy of Music London, students experience freedom of expression and a profound sense of inspiration for music-making. 


Learning with Melissa 

Through the rudiments of music, students will learn to read, play by ear, improvise, sing, express themselves through movement and song, accompany themselves, arrange, compose, and write their own melodies and lyrics. Melissa teaches all styles including the classical piano repertoire, pop, boogie-woogie, blues, jazz, and any specific musical interests of the students. Students study on a Kawai 7'6 concert grand in private or group instruction. 


The Piano program consists of four, three-month semesters. All students begin at entry-level Bronze. Once evaluated, students may move on to the next level, each dedicated to strengthening a specified skill set. Platinum level students will be granted the opportunity to be mentored by one of All In One Music's A-list clients. Students are encouraged to participate in our bi-annual concerts and recitals. 


Platinum- Recording and producing musical projects under mentorship of A-list recording artist

Gold- Intro to secondary instrument and digital audio production

Silver- Improvisation, song-writing, lyric writing

Bronze- Entry-level, mandatory on-site lessons until evaluation

Instrument Exploration,
Vocal Production, Mic Technique and Artist Development


Music is innate and within every individual. All In One Music Academy can help you discover your instrument and reveal the music that speaks to you. Hand drum, ukelele, Native American flute, marimba, xylophone, chimes - and many more.

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